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No Phthalates!
Phthalates (which are esters of phthalic acid) are currently under scrutiny by the scientific community. It has been reported that they may be responsible for possible adverse health conditions. Other sources say they are harmless. Until all the evidence is in, GoF will not manufacture or sell fragrance oils that contain Phthalates. Although this increases the cost of production, we feel that your health (and the health of your family) is the absolute most important thing to us.
Where Does It All Come From?
Most fragrance oils are sourced from numerous overseas locations, then imported into the United States by large distributor networks. Many of these are manufactured with inferior ingredients, under poor quality controls, and with inconsistent formulations — you never know what you're going to get. GoF oils are proudly manufactured right here in the United States of America! GoF is a U.S. veteran-owned company.
Bottled for Purity and Freshness!
Our all-aluminum, tamper-resistant bottles are epoxy-lined so that the oils won't spoil. It's one of the reasons our hand-bottled PREMIUM oils will remain fresh for an entire year or more. It just doesn't get any better!